State Fair of Texas opens Friday Morning with new attractions for 2022
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Big Tex is prepared to say "Howdy!" for one more year.

The State Fair of Texas opens Friday morning for its 24-day run. The first day of the season march will be around early afternoon inside the fairgrounds.
Alongside conventional top picks like seared food sources, halfway rides, and free shows, there are a few new displays and occasions.
The State Fair of Texas has lots of rides and activities. However, we realize it is truly about the food.
There will be a lot of spots to get a corn dog and turkey leg, yet probably fascinating fair food sources might be just in specific areas.
Consistently the fair gives specific inventive food manifestations its Big Tex Choice Award.

his year's best taste winner in the Savory Category was the Fried Charcuterie Board, which is found at the three Nevin's Hamburger and Nevin's Corn Dog stands at the fair.

The winner for the Sweet Category, the Peanut Butter Paradise, is found at Texas Cheesesteaks Southside Steaks and Cakes outside the Cotton Bowl.

The Cha-Cha Chata, the winner of the most creative award, is at Ranchero Deep Fried Love near the Hall of State.

There are various new food sources at the fair this year, including Fernie's Funnel Cake Chicken sandwich, deep fried honey and loaded queso fries.

The fair delivered a guide on the areas of a portion of those food varieties, so go ahead and take a screen capture or save it to your telephone:

The State Fair of Texas opens Sept. 30 and goes through Oct. 23.

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