Southwest Airlines temporarily grounds Boeing 737-800 model airplanes
ByFunAsia 17 Sep 2020 10:48 PM 229

Southwest Airlines has come up with one of the most significant decisions of a lifetime.


On Wednesday, the airline announced that it would stop flying 115 of its Boeing 737-800 model aircraft as it created some discrepancies in the weight, which is used to calculate fuel and other flight plans.


According to reports from the Southwest, the difference is only about 75 pounds. Still, they have temporarily ceased flying the planes and will get the correct weights into the system and reset the program.


Due to the groundings, there might be some delays and flight cancelations on Thursday.


Southwest Airlines released a statement that said, “With swift work overnight, we anticipate our operation's impact today to be minimal. We’re making steady progress resolving the discrepancy tail by tail, and we have returned a couple of dozen aircraft into service.”


The airline has made an apology for the travel disruptions and also confirmed that they are working with travelers whose flights are impacted.


In January also, the Dallas-based airline was fined for weight infractions.


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