South Oak Cliff football team wins School's first football state title
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The South Oak Cliff Golden Bears football team beat Liberty Hill 23-14 Saturday at AT&T Stadium to win the school's first football state title and Dallas ISD's first state title in over 60 years.

The Golden Bears began the game solid and took a 14-0 lead, yet Liberty Hill retaliated and tied things up not long before halftime.

South Oak Cliff then, at that point, kicked a field objective to go up 17-14 in the final quarter before halting a phony dropkick by Liberty Hill and afterward scoring a score to win the Class 5A Division II state title game.

South Oak Cliff High School senior Qualon Farrar gave his group a 23-14 lead with three minutes left in the game. It was then that everybody realized a state title was theirs.

"It seemed like significance. On the off chance that felt like I was the best on the planet," Farrar said. "We won. Right when I got in the end zone, we won."

South Oak Cliff fans took over AT&T Stadium with moves on from various classes. They cheered as one.

"It's great to see everyone meet up and work together as a unit," one fan said.

Dallas ISD Trustee Maxie Johnson gets how this affects the South Oak Cliff area.

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Scarcely four years prior, the grounds were indeed in decay, with spilling roofs and rat issues. Things pivoted rapidly following a $52 million remodel that carried new life and desire to the SOC unwavering.

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