Sonu Sood sends relief for around 350 Varanasi boatmen
ByFunAsia 03 Sep 2020 09:09 PM 125

Actor Sonu Sood has left no stone unturned to help people in need. When a social activist asked him to help around 350 Varanasi boatmen living without food due to floods, the actor took no time to respond.


On Tuesday, Social activist Divyanshu Upadhyaya took to Twitter and asked the actor Sonu Sood to help 350 boatmen who ply boats on the Ganga River in Varanasi but were living without food due to the inability to ply boats due to floods.


The actor responded within an hour and wrote, "No member of these 350 families of Varanasi Ghats will sleep hungry after today."


After his tweet, his associate, Neeti Goel, contacted Upadhyay and informed him that ration kits would be sent to those people in Varanasi within one hour.


Upadhyaya's team confirmed, "We got 350 ration kits from the actor within no time. Each kit contained 5 kg flour, 5 kg rice, 2 kg gram, a spice packet, and other eatables. Out of 350, 100 kits were immediately distributed among the families of the boatmen on Wednesday."


Divyanshu Upadhyay is a social activist and runs a non-profit organization called Hope. He assured that the local vendors had received their payment done by Sood.


Upadhyay talked about his organization and said, 'Hope' had been distributing relief items among the boatmen fraternity, but they had 200 relief hampers only, which looked insufficient in this situation.


He said, "I tweeted to Sonu Sood because I had heard of the immense work he has been doing to help people, and he promptly responded to our call and took action."


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