Sonu Sood helps a 'graduate chaiwali' from Patna
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Sonu Sood became a genuine legend for the overwhelming majority with his kindness and endeavors during the pandemic. The entertainer continues with his foundation work and aiding individuals even now and wins hearts. As of late, he helped a graduate alumni 'chaiwali' whose shop was seized by the Patna authorities.

Priyanka is a financial matters graduate who began a little tea slow down close to Patna's Ladies' school since she landed no position over the most recent two years. Priyanka set up a video before this week where she should have been visible crying, and she grumbled about being a being a victim of misogyny as several illegal businesses run in Patna yet, hers is the only tea cart targetted.

Media shared Priyanka's video on Twitter. She was heard saying, "I thought of doing something different in Bihar and people were also supporting me but this is Bihar. Here, women’s status is confined to the kitchen. Girls do not have the right to move forward. So many other carts are there in Patna. So much of illegal work is being done in Patna - liquor is being sold (and so on). The system is not active there. But if a girl tries to run her own business, she will be bothered time and again. My lot is to be confined to the kitchen, sweep the floor, get married and leave home. There is no power to do my own business.”

Afterward, Sonu cited the tweet and wrote, "Arrangement has been done for Priyanka's tea shop. No one will ask her to move away now. I shall soon come to Bihar and enjoy your tea."

With this signal, the entertainer has again won hearts of netizens. Sonu was most recently seen in 'Samrat Prithviraj'.

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