Some Allen ISD Parents not happy with Allen ISD's rezoning plans
ByFunAsia 27 Sep 2022 08:47 AM 31

Some Allen ISD parents say they feel battered by the locale's recommendations to address overcrowding in certain schools and declined enrollment in others.

Potential plans include shutting two or three less packed schools, reusing them, and moving children around.

Guardians made a move to communicate disappointment at Monday's locale meeting.
Many guardians went to the meeting encouraging the educational committee to reevaluate its arrangements.
The locale let guardians know there will be a public gathering one month from now for them to voice their interests.

Many Allen ISD guardians and students remained beyond its educational committee meeting Monday, asking the locale to invert seminar on potential changes that would influence where their children go to class.
"They let us know forthright they were taking a gander at the whole school region since there is packing on the west side," said parent Michelle Boren. "However, it is right here. They are removing two schools on the east side. It doesn't seem OK."
The district says schools on the city's west side are beginning to get stuffed. On the east side, there are more schools, and enlistment is down.
Last week, the area sent guardians this message discussing the enrollment challenges.

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