SMU honored a student who was shot and killed in Downtown Dallas last weekend
ByFunAsia 09 Nov 2020 10:38 AM 17

Southern Methodist University honored a shot and killed in Downtown Dallas last weekend with a vigil Sunday afternoon.

Robert "Jayden" Urrea, 19-year old was shot to death at the intersection of Harwood and Jackson streets in Downtown Dallas in the early morning hours on Halloween.


According to the family, Robert called them to say that he was catching rideshare back to campus.

Officers reported that he was walking down the street when a vehicle pulled up. The car is a white 4-door, possibly a Ford, with a sunroof and custom wheels.

Surveillance footage proved that a car capturing Urrea's attention, but as he turned toward the car, he was shot in the chest at close range.

Inside Perkins Chapel, he was remembered by many of his family and friends.

One person said, "We come together as a campus community to mourn, to express our sorrow, that Jaden is no longer with us."

The overall sentiment was that he was taken too soon.

Urrea's cousin, Sophia, said, "He told me how much he wanted to be a father and how he wanted to be there at all times for his child. Jaden wasn't given that opportunity, but he was able to change people's lives."

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