SMU graduate killed while working as journalist in Ukraine
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An American writer killed in Ukraine had connections to North Texas.

The conflict in Ukraine has abruptly hit near and dear for individuals from the Southern Methodist University people group.

Russian powers killed 1994 alumni of the school right outside the

Brent Renaud had been going with his partner, Juan Arredondo, to a designated spot toward the Ukrainian city of Irpin, which is right outside of Kiev.

Arredondo, who was also harmed, depicted what occurred straightaway from his emergency clinic bed.

"We crossed the designated spot, and they began taking shots at us. Along these lines, the driver pivoted, and they continued to shoot. It was two of us. My companion, Brent Renaud, and he is shot and abandoned," Arredondo said.

Renaud was a 50-year-old honor winning producer who had been chipping away at a

Assaulted Ukrainians are holding out trust that reestablished discretionary discussions with Moscow on Monday could open the way for additional regular people to clear.

The fourth round of talks required video meetings to examine getting help to urban communities and towns enduring an onslaught among different issues. Past discussions have not prompted any significant leap forwards.

In the interim, 35 others were killed, and handfuls more were harmed in a strike on an army installation near Ukraine's boundary with Poland.

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