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Significant damage in Arlington during a storm that hit the city Tuesday night
ByHarshal 25 Nov 2020 10:28 AM 136

According to reports from the National Weather Service, a tornado was responsible for significant damage during storms Tuesday night in Arlington.

Officers stated that some of the buildings collapsed and at least three apartment complexes were destroyed. The Arlington Fire Department confirmed that the damage was the result of last night’s tornado, at least three people were hospitalized with minor injuries.

NWS officials will evaluate the damage and determine the severity of the tornado Wednesday.

A roof damage at the Waterdance Apartment Complex along Pioneer Parkway at Center Street. in east Arlington and Large sections of the roof landed on cars in the parking lot.

One of the resident Alan Garcia said, “We were inside we were making food and all of a sudden it just started shaking really bad and the whole ceiling just flew like really bad, and we took cover and just tried to make it out.” “It just happened so fast, I don’t even know it was just crazy.”

Another resident Wilma Morris said, “The whole ceiling, I mean it just came away from the wall, the whole ceiling and in her bedroom the walls collapsed in too.”

At least 75 families are displaced and a total of three apartment complexes have been damaged.

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