Several events held in North Texas supporting peace in Ukraine
ByFunAsia 07 Mar 2022 10:33 AM 153

Several events held across North Texas this end of the week as individuals showed support for Ukraine.

Some have family in Ukraine who had the option to get out.

For other people, Russia's assaults obstruct any expectations of their friends and family attempting to run.

Fears were uplifted on a stormy Sunday in Frisco as hundreds walked for harmony in Ukraine.

Some donned blue and yellow, while others held the Ukrainian banner high.

"Day number 11, and I lost my rest," said Kateryna Volik.

Volik's family is in Sumy, along the Ukraine-Russia line.

"The present moment, they are not emptying no one from my city because the streets are exceptionally terrible and an intense circumstance," she added.

Reports of Russia purposely assaulting regular citizens are inclining, with the Ukrainian loss of life rising.

Families are presently unfit to get away from the country with courses to somewhere safe and secure, turning excessively perilous.

Volik's folks are stuck, however, moving forward to help.

"My mother is preparing food and taking care of officers," Volik said. "She says she's attempting to do common things, and we're not sure what is the explanation."

As indicated by the UN, 1.5 million evacuees have now escaped Ukraine.

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