Rockwall County homes damaged by EF-1 tornado
ByFunAsia 31 Mar 2022 09:55 AM 62

Individuals in areas of Rockwall County are tidying up after early morning storms, and a cyclone harmed homes.

The National Weather Service conveyed a review group and decided a short EF-1 twister caused the harm in the area.

It had winds of up to 100 mph and endured 2 minutes while following for not precisely 50% of a mile.

Most of the harm was focused on Candice Circle in the Bluebonnet Ridge area, and two homes specifically got the most exceedingly awful of the damage.

The two families were sleeping inside when the storm barreled through.

The top of a parking space fell on top of vehicles at one home, and outside furniture from that house wound up in a neighbor's yard.

The front yard of one more home is presently covered with trash and protection because the rooftop was detached. A solid whirlwind moved the family's playhouse back around six feet.

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