Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene banned from Twitter for violating the company's policy
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said she was banned from Twitter again for 12 hours for disregarding the organization's policy on COVID-19 deception.

The Georgia senator talked about the issue in addition to other things in a late-night Facebook Live named: "Free Speech is enduring an onslaught!!"

"The right to speak freely of Speech is enduring an onslaught in America more than ever, and I am encountering firsthand," Greene disclosed to her supporters. "Indeed, this evening, I discovered that I'm restricted by and by for 12 hours on Twitter."

Greene said she wouldn't be on Twitter, notwithstanding how she addresses Georgia's fourteenth Congressional District.

"Be that as it may, here's the truth, they have been blue-penciling preservationists for a long time. Our voices are the voices they need to drop, and we are encountering being dropped every day," Greene said.

The senator tweeted early Monday morning:

"The dubious #COVID19 immunizations ought not to be constrained on our military for an infection that isn't perilous for non-corpulent individuals and those under 65.

"With 6,000 vax-related deaths and many concerning results announced, the vax ought to be a decision, not an order for everybody."

What's more, late Sunday evening:

"This is the reason no element should constrain NON-FDA endorsed antibodies or covers. Rather assist individuals with ensuring their wellbeing by crushing heftiness, which will shield them from Coronavirus difficulties and passing, and numerous other medical conditions. We ought to put resources into wellbeing, not human experimentation."

Twitter immediately labeled the two tweets as "misdirecting." The organization said their strategy regarding tweeting COVID-19 falsehood is clear and has been online for some time.

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