Registrations for Monkeypox vaccine are now available in Denton County
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With monkeypox cases on the rise in North Texas, many individuals hope to get immunization against the infection.
Denton County residents can register to get a monkeypox immunization on the web.

Denton County Public Health introduced an online form to register to pursue their shots.
Qualified individuals for the monkeypox immunization through Denton County Public Health include:
•    People who had known contact with a positive person for monkeypox within the past 14 days
•    A man who has intercourse with men and has had various or mysterious sexual accomplices in the past 14 days
•    People who had a sexual accomplice in the past 14 days who was showing side effects of monkeypox at the season of a private contact, like a rash or bruises
•    People with a determination of HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, or early syphilis inside the past a year
•    People who are on HIV pre-openness prophylaxis

This year, Denton County has reported 17 cases of monkeypox, as indicated by Denton County Public Health.

There have been more than 800 instances of monkeypox in Texas, with more than 10,700 cross countries, as per the CDC.

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