Recruit Military Job Fair held at AT&T Stadium to hire veteran workers
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Many North Texas organizations assembled Thursday looking for veteran workers.

The Recruit Military Job Fair was at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

Coordinators need to assist veterans with exploring professions beyond the military.

From serving their country to flourishing in the labor force, military veterans like U.S. Army specialists and expert parachute riggers Stefan Badea have unique skills to offer.

"I hope somebody is going to embrace them and take me to the next level," Badea said.

Badea also has a master's degree in business administration.

"I'm trying to stay in that area if possible, but, you know, nothing scares me where if I need to change careers, which I've seen many people are trying to come up with different versions of careers," Badea added.

There were more than 80 recruiters at the job fair.

"We've seen over 400 candidates today looking for jobs," Carol Hymes said.

Policing and mechanization were only a few areas with positions to offer.

Excited is only a single word to depict up-and-comers.

"Oh, that's an understatement; there are some eager folks here," Scott Bergfield said.

"As we look at the veteran population for unemployment, as of today, we know it to be about 4.2% unemployment for veterans," Hymes said. "We want to give back in a different capacity assisting and helping them seek their dream job."
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