Randeep Hooda says that watching the Wagah border ceremonial is like watching an Indo-Pak football match.
ByFunAsia 16 Nov 2021 10:17 PM 182

Actor Randeep Hooda discusses his journey to the Wagah-Attari border during a break from his busy schedule. Actor Randeep Hooda is thrilled to finally fulfill his parents' goal of witnessing the Beating Retreat event at the Wagah border crossing in Punjab. The actor from Extraction (2020) admits that the short journey was more emotional than expected.

"Attending the pounding retreat march at the border was my parents' request." My mother cried, and my father and I were stunned and filled with pride as we watched our history. "Keeping our borders safe" necessitates a great deal of blood, sweat, and personal sacrifice, according to Hooda.

Rather than exploiting his celebrity status to secure those great seats, the actor enlisted the support of his high school classmates. "I wanted assistance to prevent turmoil and the sensation of being a fish in a fishbowl." "What led to this wonderful event was not a so-called celebrity call, but a message sent to the school batch group," Hooda explains.

The actor explains that he contacted a classmate who is a member of the Border Security Force (BSF), who helped them make it happen. "He called one of his classmates who was stationed in the city to make sure that my parents had the whole 'apne uncle aunty hain' experience," he says. Hooda says that observing the exchanges between the two sides, as well as the coordination and the entire drill, gave him goose bumps.

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