Rajinikanth's action drama Annaatthe deserves to be in a museum
ByFunAsia 06 Nov 2021 11:53 PM 32

Annette, directed by Siva, features a galaxy of stars, including the names 'Superstar' and 'Lady Superstar.' And where is he taking them? Straight into the abyss. A Tamil movie buff smiles as the initials S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R emerge on the screen, followed by RAJNI. You get already conditioned to enjoy a Rajinikanth film if you've spent enough time whistling and cheering for it at a theatre. But how much can one take before becoming irritated? Maybe that's what Siva is trying to figure out, and this is a fantastic 'experimental' picture.

Rajinikanth plays Kaalaiyan, the village's president. Murattu Kaalai, his 1980s film, inspired this name. The amount of melodrama that Siva injects into this film, which appears to have stepped out of a museum, puts the 1980s to shame. We knew from the teaser that this would be a film about Annan-thangachi love. But there isn't a single instance of affection between Kaalaiyan and Thanga Meenatchi (a hapless Keerthy Suresh).

Everything about their connection is staged, save for the background score's chorus, which shouts AAhaa like a banshee wailing. When Kaalaiyan mentions something about his sister's affection, the camera swivels to capture everyone's reactions in close-ups that get you familiar with the actors' nostrils by the conclusion.

Thanga Meenatchi reportedly went to Kolkata to study (what did she learn?). It doesn't matter because she gets treated like a kindergarten kid throughout the movie) and is SO close to her brother that she boards a train every weekend to visit him in a Tamil Nadu village.


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