Raj Kundra accuses his ex-wife of having an affair while being married to him
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British-Indian businessman and actress Shilpa Shetty's husband Raj Kundra has asserted in a meeting that his ex-wife Kavita purportedly took part in an extramarital affair. At the same time, she was hitched to him, with his sister's husband. He referred to the issue as the explanation of separation between him and his first spouse.

"We were living in one house with my mum, father and my sister and her husband had moved over from India to attempt to get comfortable the UK. She (ex) came closer to his brother-in-law when he was out for work. His family members and even his driver would say they sense something off-putting between them, and I could never trust it. I gave my ex the advantage of doubt..." Kundra told media in a meeting.

"The relationship that my significant other and ex-brother by marriage Vansh were sharing, going out for cooperate meeting and sitting in a similar room so regularly, and so on I surmise my sister felt it best to move back," he further told the gateway.

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Kundra's charge comes after an old meeting of Kavita turned into a web sensation, where the ex is seen blaming Shilpa Shetty for breaking her marriage.

Tested how his second spouse Shilpa has responded to the reemerged video, Kundra guaranteed: "I was irate. She again said disregard, don't stress. Yet, I concluded that's the last straw she isn't even mindful I have given this meeting I am doing this since I think reality, at last, should be told."

Kundra has a girl with his ex, with whom he headed out in different directions in 2006. The Business tycoon wedded Shilpa in 2009, and the couple has a child and a girl.

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