Prosper cheerleader ends up damaging the spinal cord in a tumbling accident
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The Prosper people group is coming together for a team promoter who was genuinely harmed in a tumbling mishap.

Family companions say that while the visualization isn't helpful for Makayla Noble, 16, they appeal to God for a marvel.

"Mack is a splendid light; she's such a darling and a provider," said Tiffany Smith, family companion.

Honorable had a monstrosity tumbling mishap Monday night, which harmed her spinal line.

"Restoratively talking, her anticipation isn't what we would expect; her report isn't one that we would need for her. However, Makayla loves Jesus, and she serves a major God. What's more, we are accepting absolutely that she will have a wonderful," Smith said.

Smith said that Makayla has supported a large portion of her life and prepared numerous days, seven days.

"Makayla is an a-list competitor. She's prepared by the most elite ay Cheer Athletics. This was a monstrosity mishap in someone's lawn. This was not a cheer practice. This wasn't on a mat with a mentor," Smith said.

As of now, the high schooler has been going through something like one medical procedure at Medical City Plano. Be that as it may, as per her family, so far restoratively, the odds of her strolling again are thin. The family has requested supplications for torment the board and for development to return in her fingers and hands.

"One of the last things she said to her mother before she went into a medical procedure was one; God has an arrangement. Furthermore, we accept that. We confide in that," Smith said.

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The anticipation is still early. Yet, for the present, Makayla is relied upon to be at the emergency clinic basically through the following week and afterward go through an extended recovery plan after that.

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