Police, first responders and neighbors come together to help a dog stuck in a frozen pond.
ByFunAsia 08 Mar 2021 07:15 AM 142

An entire team including police, first responders, and neighbors came together to help pull a dog to safety who got stuck in a frozen pond.

A video Footage from Tiffany McCallister showed the rescue operation from Raccoon Springs Park in Marshall, Arkansas on Feb. 22.

The video showed the team rowing through the thick ice to help the dog before an officer pulled the canine out of the water and into the boat.

According to reports from sources, a man who lived nearby named Chris Redding brought his canoe to the lake to help the Marshall Police Department with the rescue operation.

Further reports from Authorities stated that the dog was stuck in the lake for almost 45 minutes before it was saved.

The organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals stated that they have a record of 16 cats and dogs that died in the cold weather so far in 2021 and 370 others that have been rescued.

The organization urges pet owners to keep animals inside during the cold and don’t let them outside without supervision.

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