Plano middle school student family believes that their son was the victim of a hate crime.
ByFunAsia 10 Mar 2021 09:01 AM 100

The family of a Plano middle school student believes that their son was a victim of a hate crime.

Last week, the Plano school district and police department started investigating a complaint brought to a school resource officer.

The 13-year-old boy who is a Haggard Middle School student was bullied off-campus last month. According to his mother, her son was bullied at a sleepover party.

She said her son who is black was called a racial slur, physically abused, and forced to drink urine by white children.

She said a Video of the bullying was shared on social media.

Plano’s mayor stated that he was deeply affected by the allegations. He said, "It hurts me to see this happen in a city that I love and a city that I know is better. So I think we all share the hurt. When something like this happens to a young man in our city, it’s happening to all of us and so we have to rally around him and his family."

The Plano police chief is in contact with the FBI regarding this case.

The school district said it is hiring an independent investigator to assist in the case.

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