Partnership between KIPP Charter Schools and Paul Quinn College to introduce high school students to the college experience
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An organization between KIPP Charter Schools and Paul Quinn College will present many secondary school students to the college experience.

Friday's lace cutting made Kipp Oak Cliff Academy the first to be situated inside a historically black college or university.

The secondary school students will go to class in a thoroughly isolated working from the Paul Quinn Undergrads, although they will share some grounds conveniences, for example, another turf field.
KIPP students and staff are excited about their new digs. However, the move was met with obstruction from some inside Dallas ISD, to some extent at first.

It's a move two years taking shape.

KIPP Oak Cliff Academy is currently open at its better than ever expanding on the Paul Quinn School grounds.
"It has been an excursion to arrive," KIPP Texas Chief Sebha Ali said.
An excursion that was at first met with pushback from the Dallas ISD legal administrator, whose region covers a colossal piece of southern and western Dallas.

"Academically, we are outperforming KIPP," Maxie Johnson said back in 2020”

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