Parents of Plano teen who died from fentanyl share their daughter's story to help others
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The parents of a Plano Senior High School cheerleader said their little girl died after taking only one pill bound with fentanyl.
They added little info about the risks of medications bound with fentanyl.
Sienna Vaughn thought it was a typical pain reliever, but it had a deadly dose of fentanyl.
The DEA says fentanyl is usually made in powder structure in China. It's then, at that point, squeezed into pills in Mexico and carried across the U.S. line. It's been killing individuals, including kids.
"She was just living her 16-year-old life," Sienna's mother, Stephanie, said.
Sienna was home with a companion on Sunday, February 19.
"They were just like having a great time downstairs, eating snacks, goofing off," Stephanie said.
The children went higher up. Later on, Sienna's mom went to beware of them.
"And so I walked up to her room, knocked on the door…she didn't answer, opened the door, and found her and her friend lying on the bed. Her friend was making this weird gurgling noise, and I saw Sienna; she was just so pale. Her lips were already turning blue," she recalled. "I immediately said, 'Call 911, call 911.' I jumped over her friend. I tried doing a couple of compressions on the bed, and it wasn't working, so I picked her up, put her on the floor, and just started doing CPR."
Medics rushed the children to an emergency clinic. Sienna's companion survived; however, Sienna didn't.
The teen's valid reason for death was fentanyl harm.
Sienna's parents said her death doesn't appear to be accurate. They believe parents should talk with their kids, and kids should talk to their parents.
"It can happen to you. It can occur in your home with your first floor, simply doing what you're doing," Stephanie added.
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