Overnight storms bring devastating tornadoes, flash floods to North Texas
ByFunAsia 05 Apr 2022 10:08 AM 124

Numerous North Texans are tidying up after an evening of devastation from high breezes and possible tornadoes. There is likewise a large number of individuals across the area without power.

The National Weather Service is supposed to send an overview group out to the Johnson and Ellis County line to gauge the harm from one of no less than three potential twisters that might have hit the region.

1 hurt after thought twister hits RV in Johnson County

One individual was harmed in Egan's Johnson County people group when a movement trailer flipped over.

Brittaney Deaton said she was in an RV behind her family's home at that point. Her mother called her and advised her to come into the house.

Deaton said she attempted yet became caught in the RV because the steps were hindering the entryway. Her dad rushed to help, and that is the point at which the RV or metal from it moved on top of them.

"I was attempting to get out before she even called me. I was shouting on the telephone. I was unable to get out. I was panicked. What's more, I felt like I was recently caught, similar to it, and planned to move with me in it. Furthermore, I simply thank God that I got out," she said.

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