Oregon State University's Bipedal robot made history by completing a 5-kilometer racecourse
ByFunAsia 07 Aug 2021 09:49 AM 194

A bipedal robot designed and invented at Oregon State University left a mark on the world by finishing a 5-kilometer (3.1 miles) racecourse utilizing AI, as per the college.

The robot, named Cassie, finished the 5K course comprising rock, walkway, and fields quickly and with a specific charge. The college tried Cassie's capacity to control the pace on different open-air territories in the 3.1-mile course.

In a video distributed by OSU, the robot remains on two human-like legs and starts to run collectively of understudies and personnel follow behind. Cassie changes her speed as she travels through the 5K course.

Later on, robots like Cassie will convey bundles, oversee distribution centers, and help individuals in their homes, as indicated by the college.

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The robot, presented in 2017, was created at OSU with a $1 million award from the Advanced Research Projects Agency of the U.S. Branch of Defense. OSU understudies have gone through the previous four years investigating AI choices for the robot.

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