One person got killed, and one got injured in a shooting on the LBJ Freeway in Dallas.
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On Saturday morning, a gunshot killed one man and injured the other. According to the Dallas Police Department, officers got dispatched to a fatal shooting on the Eastbound LBJ Freeway near Royal Lane and Plano Road about 2:30 a.m. When cops arrived, they discovered a man killed inside a car, causing him to collapse. The individual gets brought to a neighbouring doctor. He was subsequently pronounced dead, according to investigators.

A short while later, another man with gunshot wounds arrived at the hospital. Officers discovered the male with the other victim and had him carried to the hospital by a passer-by. The motivation for the murder and the circumstances surrounding it still get investigate. No suspects have got apprehended.

A Latin guy arrived at the hospital with gunshot wounds a short time later, according to authorities. According to officers, the suspect was found with the victim and was taken to the hospital by a passerby. Dallas police are investigating everyone and will continue to do so until they find the right person that did all of this.Detective Tonya McDaniel can be reached at 214-671 4236 or [email protected] if you have any information on this case.

Somebody with evidence about an investigation and conviction in this matter can receive up to $5,000 through Crime Stoppers. Dial 214-373-TIPS to give change and remain confidential (8477).

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