OMG 2: In posters, Akshay Kumar channels Lord Shiva and declares, "I need your blessings and wishes."
ByFunAsia 23 Oct 2021 10:44 PM 213

Akshay Kumar has unveiled two OMG 2 posters, one of which has him in a Lord Shiva-inspired appearance. The first posters for Akshay Kumar's film OMG 2 have to get released. On one of the posters, the actor gest dressed in a look inspired by Lord Shiva. The first poster depicts Akshay in a blue suit with his eyes closed and dreadlocks. The bottom of the poster has a silhouette of a school student seated with the words 'Rakh Vishwas, Tuhai shiv kadas' printed on it. The second poster depicts a blue hand, most likely the god, grasping the young boy's hand.

Yami Gautam and PankajTripathi also star in the flick. According to Bollywood Hungama, filmmaker Amit Rai began filming the social comedy film in Mumbai in September. Pankaj Tripathi began filming his part in the movie in August. Akshay gets set to join him in October.

"While the previous film got centered on religion, Oh My God 2 will be based on the Indian education system," a source told the publication. The protagonist will get played by Pankaj Tripathi." "The script of the film has been created in such a way that it will lend itself to the involvement of Akshay's character, smoothly blending the two," the insider continued. Exam stress and college admissions will also get addressed in the film."

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