Officer arrested a Man who drove from Tennessee to Dallas to kill ex-girlfriend’s husband
ByFunAsia 13 Jan 2021 08:01 AM 212

Dallas police officers arrested a man who shot and killed a man who was out walking his dog with his wife.

The major twist in the case is officers initially thought they were investigating a shooting and attempted robbery case. But now it seems that the killer wanted to kill his ex-girlfriend's husband.

Federal agents arrested Darrin Lopez in Tennessee Monday.

In October, Lopez shot American Airlines IT executive James Faith as he and his wife were walking their dog in North Oak Cliff.

According to her, a masked man shot her husband, then attacked her and tried to take her jewelry.

After officers investigated, Jennifer Faith said, "Oh my God! If you know what happened I need that for closure. I need to make some sense out of this."

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, Lopez is Jennifer Faith’s ex-boyfriend from high school and college and the two had been communicating for a month that led to the murder.

Officers stated that Jennifer messaged Lopez about problems in her marriage and described her relationship with Lopez as a full-blown emotional affair.

Lopez said he had a five-year plan to get them back together.

Investigators found that Lopez’s truck matched the one used in the murder and is proof that shows that he drove from his home in Tennessee to carry out the shooting.

Investigators found surveillance video of Lopez in the hours before the murder confirming his clothing and truck matched the suspect’s description.

Officers are still investigating if Jennifer Faith had any role in her husband’s murder.

Lopez is currently in a Tennessee jail and will be extradited to Texas.

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