Officer allegedly involved in the 'Pyramid Promotion Scheme' has been arrested by Dallas police.
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The commission in charge of renaming Department of Defence locations that honors Confederate leaders traveled across the South this summer, arriving first at Fort Hood in Texas, to meet local community leaders and get feedback. The commission's first base visit was to Fort Hood. Michelle Howard, the commission's chair. The Texas 4th Infantry gets commanded by Confederate General John Bell Hood during the Civil War.

“They were hesitant at first, and I believe they mistook us for Beltway insiders,” Howard said, referring to Washington, D.C.'s political leaders, and officials. “There was a shift in the discourse and more sensitivity to hearing what the commission had to say once they realized we're like them. We come from diverse places where the base is important.”

Since September, a panel of veterans from several militaries, a serving congressman — Rep. Austin Scott, R-Ga. — has begun to collect renaming suggestions from the public, receiving 27,000 so far. The commission went to Fort Hood and the other locations to get feedback from the local communities on the commission's process and preferences for potential new names.

Several organizations have urged the commission to name a mainland army base after a Latino military hero, including the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC).

The public can submit renaming recommendations to the commission until December 1st. They'll begin deliberations and submit their final report to the Secretary of Defence by October 1, 2022. At, you can make a suggestion.

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