North Texas teen is a successful pecantrepreneur
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A 14-year-old North Texas kid went into business and has tasted sweet and fiery accomplishment off walnuts.
Charlie Kobdish's plan of action is nuts. Yet, that hasn't prevented him from trading out.
"We have cinnamon sugar, the best flavor. Most certainly my number one," he said. "Walnuts appear to be something major in Texas and something exceptional."
He couldn't care less if individuals call it a pee-can or a puh-kahn, for however long they are purchasing. Also, they are buying, no doubt.

"We've sold somewhat more than $36,000 in walnuts. We've gone to the state fair two times and sold," Charlie said.
As they're called, Charlie's Treats cost $8 for a 5-ounce pack or $15 for 10 ounces. Toss in a couple of grants, spread in some well-known press, and it's undeniably more show than even 10-year-old Charlie might have envisioned.
He formally opened to his most memorable clients a long time back with a lace cutting at his room entryway.
He calls his parents as his biggest source of inspiration.
Charlie likewise gives 5% of his benefits to an alternate neighborhood noble cause every year.
He said his greatest seasons are Thanksgiving and Christmas; indeed, he delivers. To submit a request, visit charliestreats. co.
You can find connections to more than 100 other youngster-run organizations in North Texas when you visit customer correspondent Steve Noviello at

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