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North Texas: Snowplows working to clear roadways, urges drivers to stay home if possible
ByHarshal 15 Feb 2021 09:09 AM 175

Snow formed a bed of snow on roads on Sunday and that is causing problems on the roads.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, crew members are busily snowplowing the road making sure they are good for drivers to ride on the road.

TxDOT has about 30 snowplows and other snow clearing equipment. But that’s for an enormous service area. Patrick Clarke, a spokesman for TxDOT’s Dallas district said, "We have seen some unprecedented events and our drivers are out there working around the clock to keep the roadways as passable as possible. But we can only do so much."

"So we want people this morning if you don’t have to be out there I can’t stress it enough. Please stay home."

Clarke confirmed that many roads and overpasses were treated before the snow, the temperatures are now below the point at which pre-treating works.

He said, "Let me tell you, we have been pre-treating all week long but again at a certain point it no longer is as effective as it should be and so as much as we’re treating the roads and we’re out there with our snowplows, we can only do so much."

In case of any emergency, drivers should drive according to the driving conditions and not the speed limit.

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