North Texas neonatal intensive care unit babies dress up for Halloween
ByFunAsia 29 Oct 2020 10:31 AM 209

Local hospitals are coming up with smarter ways to celebrate Halloween this year.

Courtney Sanders, a neonatal intensive care unit nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Plano, knitted costumes for each NICU baby at the hospital.

All newborns are precious, and their costumes, including a mouse, a frog prince, a hula dancer, and even a pair of twin foxes, really looked cute and adorable.

In Dallas, the staff members at the Parkland Hospital hosted a socially distanced costume craft party to make costumes for the hospital’s tiniest patients.

Jennifer Porter, a NICU specialist at Parkland, said, “It is already a challenging and unexpected life event to have a baby in the NICU, but to add the stress of a global pandemic on top of that makes it very difficult for our families.”

“Having opportunities like these gives both our families and staff a sense of hope and something positive to enjoy, which I think is super important in a time like this.”

La’Metrice Taylor’s newborn triplets were dressed up as three peas in a pod.

She said, “Having one baby in the NICU is hard, but having three is a roller coaster.”

“This was a great surprise to us, and I loved their costumes. It helped us take our mind off of what’s going on right now,” she added.

Other adorable costumes included candy corn, Elvis Presley, Ninja Turtles, and an inmate.

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