North Texas grocery stores are super busy because of Thanksgiving
ByFunAsia 24 Nov 2020 10:37 AM 192

Thanksgiving charm may be smaller this year, but so many people are going to the grocery stores for shopping this week.

North Texas stores are limiting crowd sizes and following other steps to promote safety.

So many safety precautions are already in place due to the ongoing pandemic. Whenever you go for groceries, expect stores to be stocked up, and employees keeping an extra close eye to make sure everything runs smoothly.

With the limited Capacity at grocery stores across the state, and most, like Central Market in Plano, do not forget it.

Plano Central Market GM Megan Reid said, “We are doing things differently to make sure our customers feel safe.”

Because of Thanksgiving, the aisles are more crowded than what we’ve started to become accustomed to during the pandemic. That means people are stepping out of their houses for groceries.

If you’re planning to go shopping this week, expect to find lines to get in at peak times.

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