North Texas firefighter died while fighting a wildfire in the western United States.
ByFunAsia 01 Sep 2020 10:35 PM 280

A North Texas firefighter died yesterday while she was fighting a wildfire in the western United States.


Diana Jones was a real hero and a firefighter and EMT with the Cresson Volunteer Fire Department, located about 25 miles southwest of Fort Worth.


Her son served in the department. Each summer, they worked with a company on contract with the federal government to help in the case of wildfires in western states.


Her latest job sent her to the Mendocino National Forest north of San Francisco. She had shared some of the photos of that area on her Facebook page as well.


According to the United States Forest Service, one firefighter died Monday in the Mendocino National Forest, and another firefighter was injured. No more details of this incident were released.


Cresson's fire chief called Jones a dedicated firefighter.


Chief Ron Becker said, "A lot of us will miss her. She was a good firefighter. She was a good EMT, and she was just a good person," "There are people that rather than stand back, they'll help people do things, and she was not one to stand back."




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