North Texas college student “chalking up” her new business during the pandemic.
ByHarshal 25 Sep 2020 10:09 PM 59

A North Texas college student has taken "chalking up" as her new business during the pandemic.

Before quarantine, Brinley Ash studied and worked a full-time job. Then she was furloughed from her services.


During that pandemic time, she got an opportunity to take her sidewalk chalk art talent to an entirely new level.


As said, "It all just started for fun. I've been drawing for years. I've done a lot of chalk work just for my friends. But I got busy with work and school, and so it took a background to my life."


"I got furloughed, and we shut down for a couple of months, so just kind of I went back to my creative side. I was like, 'Oh, what should I do? I should start drawing.' So I started drawing on my driveway in my neighborhood, and people started noticing. And it just occurred to me, 'Hey, what if I did this for other people too?'", she added.


Earlier, she was hired part-time to create chalk signs for restaurants or weddings. Now she has started paying for her chalk art pictures from people appreciating her talent and hiring her for chalk work at their homes to celebrate birthdays, graduations, and other special occasions.


Her most recent requests are to create Elsa, unicorns, and Spiderman, and now she can paint almost anything.


Her advice to beginners is blending colors. She uses her hand to wipe the paint to smooth it out and help create new shades.


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