North Texan warn others to be careful after being hospitalized due to COVID-19
ByFunAsia 23 Aug 2020 09:38 PM 50

The coronavirus numbers might have declined in North Texas, but the virus continues to impact hundreds of people across the Metroplex.


Its impact differs from a person-to-person. Those who got injected with the virus are very serious and taking this virus with a greater appreciation for its severity and alerting others to stay safe.


A local man 28-year old warns people that you can go from being healthy to sick in seconds.


Jesse Ohakam and his mother, Lilian, have been going through rough times these days. Things worsened when his mom Lilian was sent home after her co-worker tested positive for COVID-19.


Jesse said his mom developed pneumonia before she got tested; from there, it went downhill". Only a few later, his mom passed out at home.


Jesse went to help her without a mask.


His mom's results came positive, and days later, he also started feeling the same symptoms.


He said, "It pins you down to the bed. You don't move; you don't want to eat, you don't want to drink".


The free test took 6-10 days, but he knew he was positive because he had lost his sense of smell and taste. He was treated at the Mansfield Methodist and was discharged on Saturday.


Jesse is 28 and has a message for other young people. "You can't take this lightly because this virus attacks people differently. My message is always to wear a mask," he said. "Wear a mask, social distance, hand sanitizer. That's the message to the people."


Lilian and Jesse will be tested again soon.


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