No officers hurt when someone drove by and fired at Carrollton Police Department
ByFunAsia 20 May 2021 11:23 AM 190

A few Carrollton cops needed to dodge for cover during an early-morning hit and run assault at the police headquarters.

It occurred around 4:30 a.m. Thursday at the Carrollton Police Department's HQ on Jackson Road.

Police said somebody drove by and discharged various shots at the structure.

Three officials showing up for their shift needed to dodge down to try not to be shot. They did not do any harm.

"That previously shot was trailed by around seven to eight additional shots," said Chief Derick Miller. "One of the officials urged that they heard the round hit the fence, which made the officials duck and seek shelter in the parking garage. In precisely the same second, a vehicle was found coming from the east toward the west at a high pace. Thus, we are amidst an exceptionally top to bottom examination to attempt to bits what happened together. There has been some actual proof that was left at the scene."

Boss Miller called the shooting very concerning.

"It's unsettling for our cops who come to work each day to serve our public. They have worker's hearts and to get them at a second in which they are progressing from a private resident to putting their uniform on to go serve the general population… and afterward at that point to be shot at in a space that is ok for them or that they thought was ok for them… to be taken shots at it tends to be horrendous," he said.

A few roads around the structure are presently closed off, given the police examination.

Police said they are likewise working with government accomplices and campaigning the region for video.

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