'No-climb' fence to be installed around White House, federal authorities say
ByFunAsia 03 Nov 2020 11:43 AM 242

Election Day preparations are going on in full swing across the country. The White House is all set to get a "no climb" fence installed this week around the entire complex.

A similar kind of fence already exists around Lafayette Park and parts of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House for the Inauguration Day construction.

A similar type of fencing was also installed around the White House after protestors became unrest over the death of George Floyd. The fences at that time were seven feet to more than nine feet high.

This is a precautionary action taken to combat likely unrest in the wake of Tuesday's results.

DC Metro Police Chief Peter Newsham said that there are no potential threats as of now. Still, several groups have applied for permission to conduct massive demonstrations, and the entire police department would be working on Election Day.

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