Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra's husband, claims he has "a lot of acquaintances" in Bollywood and discusses a debut.
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Nick Jonas, who gets hitched to Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra, commended and complimented the Indian film business, describing it as "fantastic." He has stated his desire to make his Bollywood debut. Nick Jonas may follow his wife, Priyanka Chopra, and sign a Bollywood film deal. He described the film industry as "phenomenal" and indicated an interest in making his directorial debut.

Nick recently stated in a new interview that Bollywood films are "extremely motivating" and that he would be willing to take on a part if the offer came his way. He also praised Hindi music, claiming that he and Priyanka had played it at their house parties.

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"I adore Bollywood films," Nick told Khaleej Times, "and I've become more familiar with them in the last couple of years after being with my wife; it's certainly something that I would be interested in doing." I've made friends in that sector, and I believe it's a fantastic film industry; the work they produce is incredibly inspiring, and who knows if the opportunity arises. "Perhaps I'll leap in!"

"I think it's great," he responded when asked about Bollywood film music. I listened to a lot of it while I was in India, and we also had a lot of excellent Indian and Bollywood music for our wedding. It's the best kind of dancing music, and we play it at our house parties!"

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