New Texas law permits officers to seize street racing vehicles starting Sept. 1
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State officials have given neighborhood police and head prosecutors another device that could take vehicles from street racers.

Gov. Greg Abbott endorsed into law House Bill 2315, otherwise called the Street Racing Bill, conveyed by Dallas County Democrat John Turner and others that could strip some road racers' vehicles.

The Street Racing Bill permits the law requirement to seize and conceivably relinquish vehicles if the racer is a habitual perpetrator, driving impaired, has an open liquor compartment, or causes injury or passing.

Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot says he will do all that he can, including utilizing the new law, to slow down road dashing.

"We realize that racing street racing is an issue in the city of Dallas as well as Dallas County," he said.

Dallas and different organizations currently have extraordinary units to attempt to stop the races, frequently advertised via web-based media, before they move to start with one local area then onto the next.

"It's intense where individuals road dashing and jeopardizing lives and as a rule killing others," Creuzot said.

Michael Mendoza is accused of three checks of lawful offense murder after three individuals kicked the bucket when he was dashing one of two taken vehicles that failed spectacularly in the 300 squares of West Mockingbird.

Deborah Lyons' child, Kendrick, never returned home. His mom addressed FOX 4 out of 2020 when he was killed close to 12 months and a half prior by road racers in Pleasant Grove. Cesar Tirado was prosecuted for his homicide.

"The individual was going near one 140 miles each hour," Creuzot said. "Also, that individual leaving to go to work maneuvered into the road and was killed right away.

The new law permitting vehicles to be seized with specific conditions becomes real on Sept. 1.

"We're going to utilize each apparatus that the assembly offers us to battle this," Creuzot said.

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