New southern Dallas program to help provide job training for 500+ women
ByFunAsia 31 Mar 2021 10:32 AM 234

According to the latest reports from sources, a new high-profile effort is being made to connect hundreds of women with jobs in southern Dallas.

This effort titled; Women’s Workforce Readiness Initiative is a three-year program that will help more than 500 women get valuable training.


The instruction includes technical skills training, financial coaching, and resume development, plus help with housing, transportation, and child care.

Pepsico is one of the business tycoons putting its money and other resources behind the program.

Laura Maxwell, the spokesperson and senior vice president for Pepsico said, "We know that these women can get a job but not a living wage. So the idea is to give them the resources that they need to help with those barriers, support their families to really ensure that they can thrive,"

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