New COVID-19 testing site opens at the University of Dallas following the closure of the site near the American Airlines Center.
ByHarshal 01 Jul 2020 12:00 AM 124

Today, a new COVID-19 testing site was opened in Dallas County after the testing site near the American Airlines Center was closed.
This new testing site at the University of Dallas can test 500 people a day and replaced the AAC site. The federal government does not fund this site. 
Dallas city and Dallas County are now funding the tests through a partnership with a private vendor.

Huge testing demand resulted in long lines at federally funded sites. According to County leaders, people were waiting for hours for tests, and some waited for a week or more to get the test results.
Dallas County Health and Human Services Director Dr. Philip Huang stated that new testing sites would have quicker turnaround because it will use different resources.
He said. "This will be using a different lab, different system for that. So, that is one potential advantage we might see. We are getting reports that through the federal tests, we're still getting seven days or even further delay in turn around, and that's really because I think there's just such increase demand nationwide. That's putting all this stress on the labs," 
He further added, "If you're going to visit a drive-thru site, I would strongly advise that you have enough gas in your vehicle. Be prepared for long waits. Just be patient with the healthcare workers and the city and county workers as we're trying to serve you in the testing," added Randall Payton, the incident commander for the city of Dallas.
The testing site funded by the federal government at the Ellis Davis Field House. This site has increased its capacity and can now test 1,000 people a day.
The testing site at the University of Dallas is open only for the Dallas County residents. People who want to get the test must bring their residency proof. 

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