Nearly 100 clinical trials underway testing preventive therapies and treatments for Parkinson's neurodegenerative disorder
ByFunAsia 22 Aug 2020 11:08 PM 379

There are so many options to relieve aggravated symptoms of Parkinson's disease, but no sure shot cure or preventive drug is available to date. But researchers have come up with some encouraging findings from the reviews.

More than 100 clinical trials are underway around the world, testing for various preventive therapies and treatments for this neurodegenerative disorder.

This number of trials and the increasing breadth of therapies means that finding the solution in the future is improving.

Dr. Richard Wyse, director of research and development at The Cure Parkinson's Trust, in the United Kingdom said, "The outlook is encouraging for the clinical trial field, given the broad range of therapeutics being clinically evaluated,"


Existing treatments can give some relief from symptoms, and most of them were developed decades ago. Undergoing clinical trials are coming up with new solutions to treat better, potentially slowing down, stopping, or reversing the disease.

Simon Stott, senior author of the review, deputy director of research at The Cure Parkinson's Trust, said, "With the discovery of the first genetic risk factors for Parkinson's disease at the turn of this century, researchers have begun to develop a better understanding of the possible biological pathways that may be governing/influencing the progressive neurodegeneration associated with Parkinson's disease."

Parkinson's disease is the most common neurodegenerative disorder after Alzheimer's disease, and its cure can help many live a healthy life.

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