NCAA cancels fall championship events amid COVID-19 pandemic
ByFunAsia 15 Aug 2020 08:54 PM 274

NCAA cancels all fall championship events — a move that may not impact major college football — because most of the schools are not competing in sports like men's and women's soccer and women's volleyball amid coronavirus pandemic.


NCAA President Mark Emmert released a video and announced that sadly, the events aren’t happening this fall. Emmert said that doesn’t mean we shouldn't or can't wait for winter and spring. There are so many ways to arrange championships and he is confident that he will figure this out.


The NCAA Board of Governors said that the championship events in a sport will be canceled if less than half of the teams compete in the sports played a regular season.


Now that Divisions II and III followed canceling their fall championships.


Falls sports include field hockey, cross-country, and water polo.

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