National Guard troops sent to Texas ranches with private security as part of border mission
ByFunAsia 18 Mar 2022 10:03 AM 130

Recently, around 30 Texas National Guard individuals were requested to stand to watch outside probably the most renowned private farms in South Texas, over an hour's drive away from the Mexico line, as a feature of Gov. Greg Abbott's exceptionally promoted mission to control illicit migration.

Put at spots along U.S. Highway 77 running north to Corpus Christi - including the rambling and famous King Ranch and the GOP-associated Armstrong Ranch - the soldiers were intended to dissuade transients and dealers who could get through private farms to stay away from discovery at the U.S. Line Patrol designated spot close to the city of Sarita.

Yet, administration individuals with firsthand information on the mission let The Texas Tribune know that troops seldom saw travelers from their posts almost 80 miles from the boundary and couldn't seek after them if they did because they were not approved to enter the private farms assuming they saw transients slicing through.

Administration individuals said that they waited around for quite a long time, gazing at one another and the roadway outside the private farms - some of which had their security.

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