More people affected by Louisiana hurricane make their way to North Texas
ByFunAsia 29 Aug 2020 06:45 PM 150

Hurricane Laura is responsible for 14 deaths, and the city of Lake Charles, Louisiana was clobbered the most.


The city mayor said that they were already facing power problems, and now the water treatment plants were also damaged.


That means some homes are getting only a small portion of water from their faucets.

Some people who left temporarily Lake Charles are now staying here in North Texas.

Megan Goodly, one of evacuees from Lake Charles said,  “As of right now, we don't know. Hopefully, maybe a week or so,” “A lot of people lost a lot of things.”

Kevin Piert, another evacuee from Lake Charles said, “A lot of cleanup that has to be done. They've got to check the grid to make sure electricity and water. All of that in going to have to be in play before we can even think of moving back,”

Other cities, like Fort Worth, Richardson, and Irving, are also providing shelter.

Most of cities have made COVID-19 tests available for evacuees as well.

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