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More COVID-19 vaccination sites added in North Texas and across the state
ByHarshal 18 Jan 2021 07:35 AM 44

The Texas Department of State Health Services added 50 more vaccine sites across the state.

In North Texas, counties are trying their best to meet the increasing demand.

Tens of thousands of people are on waiting lists as the continuous flow of supply comes in.

On Sunday, At 4 a.m., hundreds were lined up at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

This shows the desire the take the COVID-19 vaccine.

As counties enter another week of distribution, waitlists grow larger.

Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley said, "Last week, Texas as an entire state received about 195,000 vaccines. We have over 300,000 registered in Tarrant County alone."

Tarrant County vaccination sites have given about 50,000 COVID-19 vaccine shots.

In Dallas County, 12,000 people were vaccinated last week.

There has been a partnership between hospitals, fire departments, and county health departments to vaccinate Phase 1B, anyone 65 and older or people with chronic health conditions.

Whitley explained, "We are probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 400,000-500,000 people who would qualify under 1B, if not more.”

Whitley opened their dose supply to 10 neighboring counties, like Johnson, Ellis, and Parker.

Whitely said, "What I hope what we can do is in the next couple weeks is train teams that could go out, and we could separate their citizens, send that out to them, and let them help us."

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