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Mexico sends 100 firefighters to the US to help battle California wildfires
ByHarshal 28 Sep 2020 12:21 AM 100

Mexico sent 100 firefighters to the United States to help people fight wildfires in California.

According to the USDA Forest Service, The crew traveled from their homes throughout 22 states in Mexico and gathered at the Guadalajara Tuesday to take a chartered flight directly into California. The Mexican firefighters arrived at San Bernardino International Airport on Wednesday.


The reports from the Environment Department of the country said that five teams of 20 trained, equipped firefighters from the national forestry commission of Mexico would work with the U.S. Forest Service.

Their first assignment will be to battle the Castle Fire in California'sCalifornia's Sequoia National Park. The park is threatened by the Sequoia Complex (SQF Complex) of fires ignited by lightning in the Sequoia National Forest on August 24.

The SQF Complex is made up of the Castle and Shotgun fires.

The USFS has always come forward to help Mexico in the area of fire management. The USFS gave training to and assisted Mexico with strengthening capacity in fire management beginning in 1983.

Eduardo Cruz, the current director of CONAFOR (National Forestry Commission of Mexico), said, ""I am very excited for this unique opportunity to visit a station I worked and trained at as a young man and to bring with me firefighters from Mexico to aid in the California firefighting effort."


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