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Memorial held for 63-year old North Texas firefighter killed in California wildfires
ByHarshal 20 Sep 2020 10:03 PM 95

A 63-year old North Texas firefighter was killed in a crash while battling a wildfire in California. She was remembered yesterday for her selfless heart.


She did not fit the typical mold of a wildland firefighter, but she was still invaluable on the team.


She was deeply inspired by her son, at age 58, when she served as a hairdresser, Diana Jones then decided to become a volunteer firefighter almost five years ago.


Cresson Volunteer Fire Department Chaplain John Knox said, "She was enthusiastic about heading west, and said, 'I'll see you in October."


When the battalion chief for Fresno, California, Brian Price, met her, he wasn't sure what to expect. He said, "Part of being a task force leader is you size up your task force."


"My first impression of Diana was, I'm not sure here. She doesn't fit the normal mold I was expecting for a wildland firefighter. After two days of work, significant operations became incredibly apparent. Diana was a consummate professional."


Her son said she was an incredible communicator. An invaluable skill when lives are on the line when there is pressure."


Jones was serving for the 13th day straight when she and two other firefighters were involved in a crash.


According to reports from the sources, they tried to escape an area of the fire that quickly became more active.


Kate Estes from Paskenta, California, attended Saturday's memorial. She said, "She was one of the first crews there."


She also added that Jones and her team helped her save her life. Save her town.


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