Meezaan Jafferi opens up about his relationship with Navya Naveli Nanda
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Meet Meezaan Jafferi talking about his relationship with Amitabh Bachchan's granddaughter, Navya Naveli Nanda. How did the connection up occur? Is it safe to say that they were dating? Is it true that they are still attached? This person is bindaas because he has nothing to stow away. This person is bindaas because he loves to say it. This person is bindaas because he is straightforward and needs not to have upset rest. See the talk NOW!

Meezaan keeps up that they are simply companions, yet the connection is referred to gave him a tough stretch. It got off-kilter for him to go into Bachchan's home Jalsa. It got intense for him to confront his folks (Mr. and Mrs. Javed Jafferi) as they gazed, taking a gander at him.

In any case, the hesitation is gone now, he adds. Time moved by, and Meezaan visited Jalsa once more. "I last went there when they facilitated a Diwali slam. The whole business was there. Jalsa is a landmark; you can't be missed by the paparazzi on the off chance that you go there."

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Meezaan additionally explains that he and Navya became companions because his sister and Navya were dearest companions. "The two of them concentrated together in New York," and finishes up by saying, "Additionally, our family-hers and mine-are in films. So we know one another."

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