McDonald's cult classic, the McRib, the fast-food sandwich to come back soon
ByFunAsia 02 Nov 2020 11:23 AM 227

McRib, the fast-food sandwich that went viral in seconds, is coming back.

On Friday, McDonald announced that for the first time in the last eight years, the company is bringing back its most-loved barbeque slathered sandwich.

The McRib will be available on the menus on Dec. 2, for a limited time.

The McRib is so popular that there is a McRib locator website where you can find the McDonald's restaurants offering the boneless pork sandwich served with slivered onions and pickles on top.

McDonald's is reintroducing the McRib nationally as it tries to regain its footing during the pandemic.

On the professional front, most McDonald's locations reopened by July after closures forced due to pandemic; many offered only drive-thrus or open dining rooms with limited seating capacity.

The Chicago company plans to close 200 U.S. restaurants this year, about half of low-volume locations in Walmart stores.

The McRib debuted nationally in the U.S. in 1982.

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